Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tree Service

When you are looking to hire someone for tree work it is important to consider the nature of the work. Tree work can be a dangerous job, especially when removing trees close to targets. That is why it is important to hire someone who is licensed and carries all the appropriate insurances to protect both you the property owner, and the employees working on your property.

Ultimate Tree Service LLC is licensed, CA 1052782. We also carry liability insurance; we can present you with a copy upon request. In addition we carry workers compensation insurance for all our employees. We can present a certificate if requested. Even if you do not work with us, be sure that your contractor is properly licensed and insured.

Tree topping is not recommended because it can cause starvation to the tree and, when it is topped, the new growth that occurs is rapid and the limbs that grow are poorly attached. Another alternative is to see if making proper reduction cuts to another branch of similar size is enough to achieve the desired overall height.

Mitigation: Instead of topping the tree you may consider a complete removal especially if it is already not doing well. Another alternative is to see if making proper reduction can reduce the size cuts to another lateral branch of similar size.

Depending on the city you are located in and the type of tree you are removing you may be required to have a tree removal permit. If you do need a permit and you accept a bid with us we can assist you in obtaining the permit. Cost of a tree removal permit varies from city to city and the amount of trees you are looking to remove.

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