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Tree Removal Services

Looking for affordable Santa Rosa tree service? Our team at Ultimate Tree Service is ready to help. We provide tree removal services in Santa Rosa and Sonoma counties for property owners like you. If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, you probably need a tree removal service. Maybe it is a tree you don’t really like. Whichever it may be, you can always look to us for expert, friendly service. Whether it’s down or needs to be cut down, we can handle the job—from safely rigging and cutting trees to cutting up and hauling the wood. More about tree removal Santa Rosa CA services >>

We do tree trimming Santa Rosa and Sonoma County

Tree Pruning or Trimming

Tree pruning is an important part of caring for the trees on your property. This service may be needed if you have a tree that is growing a little out of control. There are many reasons that a tree may need to be trimmed. But whatever your goals, you can rest assured we have the crew and expertise for you. Whether it’s a crown reduction or tree balancing by removing just a few limbs, we can create a safer environment for everybody. Let us get it done for you!

Stump Grinding

When you’re in need of stump grinding Santa Rosa, CA property owners can rely on, our team is on the job for you. Stump grinding is often needed when you have a tree removed. Maybe you are looking to plant a new tree where your old tree was? If so, then our stump grinding service may be right for you. We can grind your stump to get it out of your way so you can make use of that space—or just create a better aesthetic for your property. Call us for grinding and stump removal.

We do stump removal and stump grinding Santa Rosa

Hazard Tree Removal

For hazard tree removal Santa Rosa calls the experts! When you have a tree leaning over your house, garage or any other target, it is important to take the necessary steps to assure that the hazardous tree gets removed safely. A hazard tree can make your property an unsafe place for friends, family, staff, or customers. We want to help you create a safe environment for everyone who sets foot on your property. When there are targets nearby any tree we work on we always rig any limbs we cut. Rigging helps us maintain control of the whole process from cutting the limb to getting it on the ground. Even if you have a tree between structures we can get it out, safely!

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Debris Cleanup

Do you have a property that has gone through wildfire or clearing out trees? We can work with you to get dead or dying trees out. We will walk the property and create a detailed plan of our recommendation for every tree on your property. We can also work with any budget you may have and even help deal with your insurance. Sometimes this can all seem like a lot to take in at once, but we will be here every step of the way!

Tree cutting and thinning helps create defensible space

Defensible Fire Space

Are you looking to keep your property safe in the event of a wildfire? We can help create the defensible space you need.

Together we can come up with a plan to ensure you maintain adequate defensible space, and that your escape route is a safe route out in the event of a wildfire. For information on defensible space, follow this link.