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If you need stump grinding, Santa Rosa-based Ultimate Tree Service is the team to call for tree stump removal.

Nothing screams home for pests and insects like that old, unwanted tree stump sitting idly in your yard.

Tree stumps can pose a health hazard, and at the least, they impact property aesthetics. They’re ugly!

That’s why you should consider eliminating tree stumps to ensure that your yard remains in pristine condition. Hire our tree stump removal professionals to get the job done for you.

At Ultimate Tree Service, our tree experts can help you secure and beautify your outdoors with our top-notch stump grinding services. We strive to leave a minimal environmental impact and perform the grinding process as safely and quickly as possible.

Reasons for Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be troublesome for a lot of reasons. They impact your movement and lawn care efforts. Moreover, removing stumps isn’t as straightforward as cutting down a tree. Grinding a pesky tree stump can be tricky but necessary for the following reasons:

  • Tree stumps take up a lot of valuable space in the yard, serving absolutely no purpose.
  • These can lead to weed and fungus growth.
  • They are unsightly and affect curbside appeal.
  • Tree stumps can cause unwanted new tree growth.
  • Stumps are also a safety hazard and can hurt your loved ones.
  • Stumps also hinder the performance of lawn mowers or damage the equipment.

Regardless of the reason, it is best to remove tree stumps for your safety and long-term benefit.

What Exactly Does Stump Grinding Involve?

A tree stump is the protruding bottom part left after a tree is felled or its trunk has fallen. It is often excavated right after tree removal via a grinding process.

So, when you deploy our stump grinding specialists for your project, we bring a heavy-duty grinder equipped with a hydraulic head to sweep over the stump with its carbide teeth spinning at a rate of 3,000 RPM.

These high-speed rotating blades churn or shred the stump into bits resulting in a lot of wood chips and ground debris.

The resulting matter takes up more space than the stump itself. Therefore, we suggest you to push all this material back into the excavated hole and level the ground. You can also throw the leftovers in green waste or get them hauled. But, filling the newly dug hole with the ground material is also a good alternative.

Can You Leave the Stump in Place?

There are people who prefer leaving the stump in place as a yard feature. At Ultimate Tree Service, we use preservatives to help the stump stay in place for years without causing much damage. But ideally, you shouldn’t leave stumps for long. We suggest removing the stump right after cutting the tree.

Getting rid of the stump can be challenging in hard-to-reach locations, severe weather conditions, wet soil, or when stumps are located close to other trees, buildings, or sidewalks. Such instances make stump removal difficult. Chemical removers can help, but these are hazardous to the environment. We also receive requests to help the stump decompose naturally. But again, that can attract critters and new growth.

Ultimately, getting rid of the stump with a professional grade stump grinder or stump cutter is best to avoid future unforeseeable problems.

Hire the Ultimate Tree Service Stump Grinding Santa Rosa Pros Today

You have spent a lot of time and effort maintaining an eye-pleasing and welcoming yard. You may have beautiful blooms and trimmed trees, shrubs, and grass. But this beauty quickly subsides because of that old and unattractive tree stump. So, get rid of that space-occupying ugly stump!

Call the Ultimate Tree Service specialists to address your concerns and maintain pleasing landscaping.

We have extensive work experience in tree stump removal and stump grinding services.

Some reasons to use our stump grinding services:

  1. Free Estimate. You can also expect a practical estimate based on the age of the tree, the diameter of the stump, soil type, root system, disposable decision, and the number of stumps you need help with.
  2. High Quality Workmanship. We have well trained staff using the right equipment for the job.
  3. Safety. We follow the necessary safety guidelines while undertaking the grinding process.
  4. Debris Cleanup. When the job is done, we can remove the leftover tree waste.
  5. Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Unlike some tree companies, we are properly licensed and insured. If an accident occurs, you are protected.

If you are interested in our stump grinding services, Santa Rosa/Sonoma County-based Ultimate Tree Service will provide a free quote. Just submit the brief form on this page, and we will get in touch!

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