Tree Removal: Santa Rosa-Based Team Specializes in Safe, Affordable Service

Tree removal Santa Rosa team provides safe, affordable service.

If you’re considering tree removal Santa Rosa-based Ultimate Tree Service can cut down and remove your tree quickly, safely and affordably!

When Tree Removal Service is Needed

You may be interested in removing your tree for various reasons. For example:

  • The tree is dead, dying or diseased.
  • It is structurally failing or has failed.
  • Interference with development (e.g. in the way of construction)
  • It poses a high risk to life and or property.

No matter what the reason, Ultimate Tree Service can help. Our highly trained tree experts can handle all aspects of your tree removal project, including consulting with you about the job.

The Professional Tree Removal Santa Rosa and Sonoma County Trust

Santa Rosa tree removers climb tall trees.Tree removal can be a dangerous and labor-intensive undertaking. That’s why you need someone with the know-how, experience and necessary tools to get the job done quickly and safely.

In addition, depending on the tree and location, you may need a tree removal permit. (Failure to obtain this could mean thousands of dollars in fines…)

We can help advise about tree removal permits and can assist in obtaining them.

There are many different levels of service available when removing a tree, but a few basic aspects are usually included.

If the tree is not already felled, it will need to be cut down using the appropriate technique and equipment.

If the tree cannot be felled into a safe drop zone, a team member will need to climb the tree and cut down manageable pieces in sizes that can be dropped.

Some limbs may need roping techniques to lower the limb to the ground. Depending on the tree and the job site, it may require the use of a crane. The crane is used when limbs must be be lowered to the ground because of objects below (e.g. a house), or it’s simply too dangerous to climb.

If the tree is felled or already cut down… Once the tree and/or limbs are safely on the ground, there may be a need for the ground crew to further reduce them into manageable sizes.

Disposing of larger limbs and tree trunks depends on the wood type, size and condition of the piece. Some wood or extremely large pieces may be removed and hauled away. However, other trees or tree parts may simply be cut into firewood size pieces for stacking or hauling. Smaller limbs are run through a woodchipper and blown into a chip truck.

Stump Grinding

Santa Rosa tree removal service experts Ultimate Tree Service can also provide stump grinding.

Once the tree removal service has been completed and the debris removed, you may wish to have us grind any remaining tree stumps. Since the former tree no longer causes a safety concern, this is a cosmetic decision. Stumps are generally not aesthetically pleasing additions to your property.

You can leave stumps in place, but most stumps will take several years to rot. If you do opt for stump grinding, it may not take place on the same day as your tree removal service because it requires separate equipment to be brought to the job site. Once a stump is ground out you may level off your yard with fresh soil and seed or sod the area.

Debris Removal and Cleanup

Tree removal work can make quite a mess in your property. But our tree removal service doesn’t end until the job site is clear and all wood products are disposed of according to your preference. We pick up all sticks and debris, and then do a final raking of the smaller twigs left behind. When everything is finished, we put your yard back together, including blowing off your walk and driveway. If you elect to have us chip your wood debris, we can leave it for your use in gardens or mulch beds Or, we can haul it away for you.

Professional Tree Removers for Santa Rosa, Sonoma County

Some tree services are not licensed and insured. This could mean that you—the property owner—are financially liable if something goes wrong. Ultimate Tree Service is fully licensed and insured, and we have a Certified Arborist on staff to oversee our crews. Ask us for a free quote using the form on this page.

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