Most homeowners have a tree or two in their yard. While low-hanging fruit can be picked by hand, a professional with climbing gear and a bucket truck may need to remove higher limbs. Whether you are hiring a tree care service for pruning work or if a dangerous storm damage situation threatens your home, certain signs indicate when you should call the professionals.

The Tree Has Started to Lean

If you look out at your backyard and notice one tree has begun to lean more than others, it might be time for tree care. Tree leaning can happen due to poor soil conditions or structural damage done by natural disasters like a big storm in the winter. It could also indicate tree disease, but unless there is a trail of ants moving away from the tree, there is probably a bigger problem. In any case, tree leaning can indicate tree care service is necessary.

The Tree Has Started to Show Signs of Damage

If the tree shows visible signs of damage, there is a problem that needs a seasoned tree care service. A good example is if an entire section of the tree has died, exposing wood and creating a safety hazard. Or perhaps you have noticed that branches are starting to break off or there is some bark damage due to harsh weather or animal scratching. Tree care will help restore your tree to health since it could indicate deeper problems like disease, infestation, etc., which should be addressed before it spreads throughout the rest of the tree.

You Want to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

A well-maintained tree in your yard is just one of the many elements that can contribute to a tree care service’s ability to improve your home’s curb appeal. Of course, tree care is not just about aesthetics. Tree trimming professionals also ensure that tree branches are not close enough to become hazards by brushing against windows or doors. Tree trimming services will help you avoid having tree branches come crashing through your roof, and they can also help extend the life of trees when done correctly.

There was an expected nearly 8% growth in the tree trimming service market in the U.S. between 2016 and 2021. A tree can be part of the landscape or adornment in any home. There are numerous benefits to hiring a tree care service. It is important to make sure you properly maintain your tree, as it contributes to the natural beauty of your landscape and property value. Contact Ultimate Tree Service LLC to learn more!