When it comes to tree care, many signs indicate your trees need to go. Residential property owners need to be aware of these signals to maintain the health and safety of the home, its residents, and anyone nearby. Here are five common signs it’s time for tree removal.

1. Too Close to Structures

You should always plant trees far enough away from any buildings, walls, and other structures. If the tree is too close, its roots can cause major damage over time by damaging foundations or shifting sidewalks, which are costly to repair. Trees located close to a structure may need to be removed for safety. Otherwise, your home may experience costly damage from tree roots in the future.

2. Dead or Diseased Trees

If you neglect tree care, the tree may suffer from disease or pests such as borers and bark beetles. Diseases can spread to other nearby trees, so it’s important to diagnose and treat sick plants early. If tree care isn’t possible, it may be time to remove the tree.

3. Overgrown Tree Canopy

When tree canopies become too large, they stop producing enough oxygen and shade for other plants. Too much tree cover can also make it hard for the tree to receive enough sunlight and air circulation, leading to further tree decline. Trees need at least six to eight hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight for optimal tree care. So, if a tree is blocking the sun from other plants, that tree must be trimmed or removed

4. Leaning or Tilting Tree Trunks

Trees that are leaning or tilting can easily topple over in storms and cause extensive property damage. This tree care issue is often caused by tree roots that have grown too close to structures, disease or decay, or strong winds. If tree care isn’t an option, tree removal might be the best solution.

5. Failing Branches

Branches that are dying or broken can cause tree limbs to become weak and fall. Branches may also be too close to power lines, homes, or other structures, creating a safety risk for property owners.

Property owners should be aware of tree issues that can lead to tree removal. According to HGTV, mature trees in a well-landscaped yard can increase the value of a house by 7% to 19%, so it’s important to maintain the trees on your property. If you notice any of these issues, contact a tree specialist at Ultimate Tree Service for an assessment today. Our team of professionals can handle any tree service you need!